Amenities and Activities

Amenities and Activities at Meadowlands

At Meadowlands, spend time with friends and family, fill up your calendar with our daily activities, or just enjoy your own company. No matter what you decide, our staff will help you enjoy your retirement fully. Nearby amenities and idyllic walking paths contribute to a rewarding retirement lifestyle.

Included Amenities

• Full-service dining 3x/day
• Private dining room
• Snacks available daily in our bistro
• Hair salon
• Exercise room
• Chapel
• Air conditioning
• Emergency call system
• Laundry room on each floor
• Outdoor courtyard (specifically for memory lane)
• Outdoor patio space
• Smoke detectors
• Sprinklers
• Practical nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Housekeeping
• Religious services
• Kitchenette
• Access to bus trips for outings
• Free parking (reserved parking spots for residents)

Meadowlands activities include:

  • Recreation programs

  • Activities and outings

  • Activities and games room

entertainment room at meadowlands
hair salon setup at meadowlands
multi purpose room at meadowlands